Say everything you’ve wanted to say,
Write it down and sign it with your name 
Tell me about how I created hurricanes in your heart 
Tell me how when the waves collapsed on the shores of your lungs you couldn’t breathe
Tell me everything you were too scared to say 
Scar me 
Rip me apart 
Eat me alive 
Make this the essay you never got a chance to write 
Make me your demise 
I want it 
I crave it 
Ruin me 
Destroy me
I dare you 
and once you’re done, 
admire your work 
admire the destruction 
after all, 
I promised I’d be yours till the end 

So end me 

“ I forgot that I deserved more
than overgrown gardens and
walls with too many holes.
I stayed too long and I’m
sorry for that. Let’s make it
up to each other by promising
to learn from our mistakes.
Let’s start over and build new
homes with blank walls and
no hard feelings.
“ I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.